Saturday, August 19th, 2023
7 - 9 pm
The Meadows Brothers and Brian Ebin Parker Wolfe

$20 donation - BYOB and picnic -
Outdoor Bistro Style Seating in the Amphitheatre
Rain or shine!

The Meadows Brothers
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“Singing guitarists Ian and Dustin Meadows prove that roots music is an unending resource, turning influences into an engagingly twangy sibling sound all their own.” - The Boston Globe

Somewhere on the back dusty roads of America the Blues met up with Country and the two went rambling and running like a couple of teenagers in love, set free from home for the first time. They borrowed some clothes and money from their cousins Folk and Bluegrass and what was consummated on those steamy Summer nights became a gaggle of children sucking at mama’s musical teats until well-fed and ready to ride out on their own. Somewhere in this Americana lineage exists a brother duo from Connecticut hell bent on tracing their musical roots as far back as they can, while leaving their own gritty trail for others to follow. Dustin and Ian Meadows subscribe to the ‘less is more’ theory of songwriting. Instead of employing a varied array of hired guns to fill out their sound, The Meadows Brothers rely solely on each other – Dustin on harmonica, both on guitars and vocals – to complete their sonic journey with countrified enthusiasm and blues-tinged aesthetics. Unlike so many other acts before though these Meadows boys are able to create a full and vibrant sound on their debut album, Won’t Be Troubled, by simply laying down sweet harmonies and honest songwriting. Bombast and over-production need not apply. The job of taking you on that aforementioned ride down the back roads of American Roots music is deftly filled already. Chip McCabe - Lonesome Noise

Brian Ebin Parker Wolfe

BEPW- The set will include original acoustic and electric songs performed along with Bobo Lavorgna (Jake & the Family Jewels, Stormin’ Norman & Suzy, Robert Silverman, Mark Naftalin) on bass, Jack Adanti (The Name, UHF, Smoke Bubbles) on percussion and Rose Wolfe (Ebin-Rose, Amalgamated Muck) on vocals.

Passage - "The act or process of moving through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another".

The Passage EP is ten minutes long. It's perfect for our times or lack of time. "I've Moved On" was written for a movie soundtrack. The song had to be less than two minutes long and contain key words like Outlaws, Whiskey, NASA, Save the sun and Save my son. The electric and acoustic instrumentals "Passage," which bookend the EP, were recorded directly into my iPhone, and cleaned up at The Coffeehouse Recording Studio.

"Hide Away" is about realizing a relationship has reached its expiration date and it's time to move forward. "Station Man" is about listening to DJs play the music all night long while trying to fall asleep, or maybe it’s about praying to the void. It is mostly inspired by my earliest Rock & Roll memories as a young kid in the early Sixties, playing the radio at night in bed with an earphone in the dark so my parents would not know, and how the DJs were spirit guides. The questions, "are you out there, are you with me, are you open?" can be seen as spiritual. I hope when playing the EP everyone listens start to finish, a sonic journey of sorts.


BEPW (Brian Ebin Parker Wolfe) has been writing and performing original music on acoustic and electric guitar since the late Sixties. His earliest gigs at The Exit Coffeehouse shaped his ambition to do little more than hang out on the New Haven Green for most of his young adult life. Little has changed since then, beyond the weight of time.

BEPW is a solo effort, though he is often joined on stage and in the studio by his wife Rose on vocals and Bobo Lavorgna on bass.

Over the years he has played in many diverse bands including The Wyrd Brothers, Pottery, The Name, Ebin-Rose Trio, Amalgamated Muck and with currently with Roger C Reale in trio REALE WOLFE.

The Passage EP, along with the Second Hand World EP and West Beach Rocks EP are all available download on Bandcamp: Passage, by BEPW 5 track album

Here is a link to “The Opener” & “Station Man”:

$20 donation - BYOB and picnic -
Outdoor Bistro Style Seating in the Amphitheatre
Rain or shine!

GATES OPEN Half Hour before the show. First come first seated.

Choose your favorite bottle at the Chester Package Store across the street, get your picnic from any of Chester's fine restaurants and grab a growler from the Little House Brewing Company next door.

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Sorry, no pets or unattended children allowed.

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