Saturday, November 26, 2016
Super-cool 7 - 9 pm
$20 donation - BYOB - Bistro Style Seating inside the Gallery


"SuperCool is a band with an incredible story, and the musical goods to back it up. Jeffrey Marshall (bass and vocals) has an amazing self-taught bass technique, which has to be seen, to be believed. He has had to figure out how to play the bass without any possibility of learning his instrument by seeing how others do it. He is a soulful player, delivering dynamic and passionate bass lines, while playing harmonica and singing lead as well. Daniel Levanti (guitar and vocals) has honed his guitar skills at Berklee College of Music, and through touring during his years in Europe. Together they share a special friendship and creative bond. Part of their intriguing story is that these Americans met in Prague, Czech Republic. Jeffrey one day pulled out a map after friends had encouraged him to travel. He closed his eyes and randomly pointed at it. Within no time at all, Jeffrey was in Prague, where he met Daniel. Since being introduced, they have been an inspiration to each other as songwriting partners and as comrades. They both fell immediately in love with the sound they created together. Despite the apparent randomness of their hooking up, they have formed a solid musical partnership. They have been able to unite emotions and experiences and turn them into songs. These hypnotic and emotional songs can be heard on their debut album, Greatest Hits Vol. I., available on Earwave Records, and Greatest Hits V.II, available on Championship Music. All songs are written by Daniel Levanti and Jeffrey Marshall."

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